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Why Remote Employees Take Less Sick Days

Life before the pandemic feels like a fever dream, but one reality that Americans are struggling to get back are sick days. Sick days are a necessary work benefit, whether it’s for yourself or to tend to your sick children. Since remote work has taken over, fewer Americans are taking sick days. 

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How To Balance Your Full-Time Job with Freelance Gigs

If you are in advertising, we nearly guarantee that you have worked a freelance opportunity, whether that’s for a brand or an agency. Freelance is a brilliant opportunity for individuals looking to work flexible hours, generate more income, and gain more experience for their resumes. 

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Is WFH Better for Innovation?

Working from home has changed the job market, how companies hire and source, and how the structure of companies and workdays look. Creatives no longer live in hubs of large cities, now companies are sourcing around the nation and the world. 

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What is Happening to Freelance Roles?

The pandemic has shifted the type of positions that companies are hiring. In the world of advertising and marketing, freelance roles are just as popular as full-time positions. Advertising work is project-based, and different skill sets are a need for projects, making freelance the perfect opportunity.

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Do you Still Need a Degree?

College for Americans is expected by most after graduation. It is ingrained into us – if we want to be successful, be financially comfortable, and do big things, we would have to go to college. Not only does it put millions of Americans in debt, but it is not the right path for everyone. It is crucial to continue to grow and learn, but a school setting is not the best place for everyone to flourish. 

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The Best Tool to Use in an Interview

Every person that has been/will interview for a job will want to know the secret ingredient to winning over the interviewer. We hate to break the news – there is no trick, potion, or secret ingredient to nail the interview, but there are plenty of things you can do to set yourself up for success. 

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When Your Boss Starts Following You on Socials

For many of us, we use social media as a way to express ourselves freely. The creation of social media platforms is for people to share interests, voice their truths, and be a part of a growing community. Social media has taken the world by storm, and it is out of the ordinary to not have an online presence. 

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Let's Talk About Office Housework

Now that companies are slowly seeing a return to the office, it means someone has the responsibility of taking care of the physical office and the emotional needs of the employees. As most offices should, there are individuals to clean the space once employees leave for the night, but there is much more going on behind the scenes that no one is talking about; office housework. 

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Hot Jobs in the Fourth Quarter

Although Clutch is only three years old, we have continued to see the same trends every year, and the most visible trend is the fourth quarter. Every year when the fourth quarter rolls around, our clients will ask us to source for the same few roles. 

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