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Why Unlimited PTO is Limited

Unlimited paid time off seems like a dream for a perfect work/life balance. American workers, on average, take the least paid time off every year compared to their European counterparts. In 2021, Americans that received paid time off took an average of 14 days off the entire year. 

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Clutch Is Awarded Inc Magazine's Best Places to Work 2022

As a business, Clutch prides itself on its mission and culture to be the preferred staffing agency for candidates, clients, and its internal team. Individuals want to work with a company that puts the wants and the needs of their employees and partners first, and we could not be more proud to be represented by Inc Magazine in their 2022 Best Places to Work. 

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Does Your Company Have A Proximity Bias?

We are now two full years into the Covid-19 pandemic, and some companies are still having difficulties adjusting to the new standard of remote work. Remote work has become the new norm for corporate America, but many businesses prefer to have their employees come on site. 

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Three women high-fiving at work

Women in Leadership Positions

When will the time come when diversity/inclusion talks or conversations about women's equality no longer happen? When will women finally be immersed equally in the business and leadership?

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Stay up to Date with Digital Marketing Trends

We are in a digital age, and our connection with technology will only continue to grow. Our lives have become entirely dependent on the digital world. Typewriters, pens, and paper have been replaced with a monitor and a keyboard. Books went from television channels to streaming services, and the list is endless. 

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Morning Habits to Reduce Work-Related Stress

We’ve all been there where we have struggled with bringing our work stress home with us. It can be hard to let frustrations go during the day, but we have some of the best pieces of advice to help you navigate that stress. 

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What Is Driving Turnover?

The Great Resignation has become the new norm that news sources have changed the rhetoric from the Great Resignation to the Great Upgrade. In the beginning, when companies lost control of the job market, the narrative was that they were suffering. The portrayal has changed from companies struggling to employees making an upgrade. 

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What You Don't Know About The Great Resignation

In the past year, it has been more common than not that organizations have taken a hit to the Great Resignation. The Great Resignation is a phenomenon where professionals are leaving their jobs in the mass. There are multiple reasons behind the Great Resignation, a few being people want a higher salary, work remotely, or experience a job at a new company. 

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Tips from Successful Job Seekers

There is nothing more frustrating than applying to dozens of jobs and never hearing back. Applying for a new job is a full-time job within itself. First, you need to research positions you qualify for and that interest you. Then you need to edit your resume and portfolio, and lastly, you need to fill out applications and write cover letters if necessary. 

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