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    Is Advertising First to Go During A Recesison?

    Although it seems that talks about a recession have quieted down within the past few months, there still seems to be a portion of employees that are being laid off. The unemployment rate has dropped significantly since the start of the pandemic and the beginning of this year, yet inflation is still high, and it is expected mortgage rates will continue to grow. 

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    Why Talent Is Walking Away

    Although it seems that the Great Resignation is losing a bit of its steam, it has a long-lasting effect on the job market. Since the beginning of the Great Resignation, employers no longer have the upper hand in the hiring process; the talent does. 

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    Writing A Thank-you Email Post Interview

    Knowing proper interview etiquette is one of the best ways to ensure your success in the interview process. Interview etiquette is not taught in high school or college and should be something everyone knows. If you feel out of the loop, or want to know how to feel good about your position with the interviewer post-interview, here is some advice on crafting a thank-you email. 

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    Why Are People Getting Laid Off?

    The job market has been on a steady incline since the start of the Covid pandemic when companies were in a panic and had quite a few layoffs. In the past week, there have been multiple announcements of companies laying off a large percentage of their employees. People are wondering why this is happening, who is laying-off employees, and how to prepare/prevent from being affected. 

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    How to Secure the Best Talent

    Businesses are doing their best to meet the needs of candidates because they know that it is a candidate-driven market. Companies are going head to head to offer the best salary and benefits, but there is one benefit that may outshine others. 

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