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    Why Now is the Time to Freelance

    If you are looking to pick up some side work or if you are interested in getting into freelance work, now is the time! We are seeing more open freelance roles than ever, and companies need for temporary positions is at an all-time high for the year. 

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    How to Handle A Rescinded Job Offer

    It may seem that the Great Resignation is coming to a halt due to dozens of large companies laying off employees. Although it is not confirmed yet by President Biden, some economists believe we are in a recession. With hopes to avoid a loss in revenue and keep businesses afloat, companies have taken precautions, such as laying off employees or rescinding offer letters of future employees. 

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    What A Recession Will Mean for Candidates

    If you've been staying up to date with the current state of the world and listening to the news, you've most definitely heard talks about a possible economic recession. The thought of a recession is terrifying because it does not only affect our economy, but it brings fiscal hardships, sometimes including layoffs, to families and individuals. 

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    2022 Pride Campaigns: Bop or Flop

    To celebrate Pride Month, brands released their campaigns to celebrate love. Hundreds of brands stand in allegiance with the LGTBQA+ community by creating campaigns focused on Pride Month. Although many brands' campaigns are a bop, this year had a couple that was a flop. Here are some of the best and the most cringe Pride Month campaigns. 

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    Why Unlimited PTO is Limited

    Unlimited paid time off seems like a dream for a perfect work/life balance. American workers, on average, take the least paid time off every year compared to their European counterparts. In 2021, Americans that received paid time off took an average of 14 days off the entire year. 

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    Clutch Is Awarded Inc Magazine's Best Places to Work 2022

    As a business, Clutch prides itself on its mission and culture to be the preferred staffing agency for candidates, clients, and its internal team. Individuals want to work with a company that puts the wants and the needs of their employees and partners first, and we could not be more proud to be represented by Inc Magazine in their 2022 Best Places to Work. 

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    Does Your Company Have A Proximity Bias?

    We are now two full years into the Covid-19 pandemic, and some companies are still having difficulties adjusting to the new standard of remote work. Remote work has become the new norm for corporate America, but many businesses prefer to have their employees come on site. 

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